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Cindy Eckert – Creator of “The Little Pink Pill” (Female Viagra) and Selling Her Company For 1 Billion Dollars

Cindy Eckert on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

When she realized that there were 26 medications for men’s pleasure and not one single solution for women, my guest Cindy Eckert, thought “this is Ridiculous!”

Cindy set out to create “the little pink pill” (currently the #1 prescribed treatment for low sexual desire in women).

Cindy is the true definition of what I call “moxie.” Not only is she the creator of the pink pill and the founder of The Pink Ceiling, but she has also built and sold two pharmaceutical companies (including Sprout Pharmaceuticals, which she sold for more than $1 BILLION – yes, that’s a B, Ladies).

Called by Fortune as a “tireless force of nature,” Cindy lets us in on some intimate details of her life and entrepreneurial path. She talks about her unique upbringing, how she worked to overcome the stigma around women’s pleasure while creating the Pink Pill, her tip to taking advantage of life’s opportunities, her thoughts on the pandemic, and more.

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26 medications for men and not a single one for women is ridiculous.” – Cindy Eckert

Show Notes:

  • How Cindy went from a Corporate Career to a Block Buster Success as an Entrepreneur
  • Why it’s essential to do what “Lights up your Soul” (it wasn’t about MONEY for Cindy)
  • The moment Cindy realized she had an opportunity to develop the first pharmaceutical product for women’s SEXUAL pleasure
  • How 2020 has RESET the entrepreneurial landscape for women – in a GOOD Way!
  • Why it’s important to be SPECIFIC in your biz contracts and how that one piece catapulted her to a whole new level in advocating for women
  • Where Success truly ORIGINATES from
  • Details on both The Pink Ceiling & The Pinkubator and how they are helping women elevate their entrepreneurial dreams
  • The most important mindset that Cindy has adopted in order to accelerate her journey as a woman in business

Success does not come from having all of the answers, it comes from having the courage.” – Cindy Eckert

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Relentlessness is just the belief that you can get back up and you can find the way.” – Cindy Eckert