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Finding Joy Every Day

Don’t Throw the Baby Out Just Yet…

While it’s true that some industries are experiencing market saturation, there is a gigantic opportunity for business owners who have a proven track record and are recognized by their followers as an expert in their field.  Plus, IF you’re targeting industries that haven’t been hit over the head every minute of the day with some […]

Show Me the Money…

The number #1 barrier to getting a business off the ground is fear and I’ve shared tips and solutions on fear of failure and how to overcome this barrier for years. Today, I want to focus on the second biggest barrier to getting a business off the ground. What do you think it is? Money. […]

You Are Freaking Brilliant…

I struggled this week on what I wanted to share with you. I actually had one article written and another in draft mode, but neither were hitting the mark for me instinctually. This morning I woke with a rush of energy and intense passion. I knew exactly what my message needed to be. Read on […]

The 4 Questions For Breakthrough Success

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Trade Your To-Do List For a Success List

When everything feels urgent, everything seems equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being “busy” doesn’t necessarily move you closer to reaching your goals. Successful business owners understand you have to work from a clear sense of priority. The long to-do list can actually lead you away from your goal – not closer to […]

Are You Talking Yourself Out of Success?

Yesterday, I decided to take myself out to lunch to one of my favorite local sushi restaurants. The tables at this eatery are quite close together so it’s easy (if sometimes uncomfortable) to overhear what your neighbor at the next table is discussing. I happened to sit down next to two men who were deep […]

Quality or Quantity?

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