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Finding Joy Every Day

Don’t Throw the Baby Out Just Yet…

While it’s true that some industries are experiencing market saturation, there is a gigantic opportunity for business owners who have a proven track record and are recognized by their followers as an expert in their field.  Plus, IF you're targeting industries that haven’t been hit over the head every minute of the day with some newfangled “no effort on your part, just sit back and watch the money roll in” gimmick, these people will welcome your expertise with open arms and pay you very well for your expert knowledge.

Case in point:   I have a client who is definitely perceived as an expert in her industry that sent this email a few days ago: “Joy! I made $10K today!”  By following a simple plan and staying consistent in preparation leading up to the event (which was a webinar by the way), she was rewarded for her efforts in a big way financially and I suspect a feeling of accomplishment.

Here are a few key pieces that made her online event successful:

  • Build in the BLT factor – in today’s market, it’s essential that you provide good solid content on a consistent basis to the people who need your product or service.  This builds the believe, like and trust factor which gives you credibility and makes the buying decision easier for people.
  • Strut your stuff – she is knowledgeable.  This gal has been in her industry for awhile and is known for her expertise.  She designed an incredible online webinar event that gave her target market great content and left them wanting more from her.  Curious about how to position yourself as an expert?  Listen in HERE to my audio on “Positioning & Influence for the Moxie Woman.”
  • Keep it simple – she did not create a lengthy, long sales page that if printed would be 60+ pages.  She simply shared the benefits of what they would receive, timely bonuses (to create action) and the investment fee for the course.
  • The fortune is in the followup – this is critical and the one area where many people lose their momentum.  Make sure you have a few pre-written emails that continue to followup after the event to remind them of the deadline to enroll.  Also, it’s a good idea to have some “office hours” where people can reach you to ask any questions that might be holding them back from enrolling.  If you have a team member that’s knowledgeable about the program you are selling and has great telephone skills, this is a good person to tap to take phone calls and free up your time.
  • Size doesn’t matter – gone are the days where you need to have a gazillion followers or subscribers to succeed in business.  You might be interested to know that this particular webinar had less than 200 people registered.  But…those 200 people were craving the information.  They were highly qualified leads.

It’s about delivering great content to a community of people who love your message.  People who, when they read or listen to you nod and think, “Me too!”  “I like what she has to say.”  “She gets me!”  “She understands my situation.

Yes, it does take time to build your credibility and gain the trust of your tribe.  But, it is an exercise worth pursuing if you have a strong desire to build a successful business – – a business that provides leadership to others and leaves a valuable legacy to the world.