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Critical Moment #3 – When Your Client Has a Complaint

customer-serviceToday, I want to share a very important critical moment when your client really needs you. This is the one moment I find many entrepreneurs shying away from and it's crucial to your long-term relationship and potential future referrals.

When they have a complaint/want a refund – It's often said that how you respond to an unhappy client can make or break your reputation, especially online. This is why you will see big businesses on Yelp, or Facebook, making every effort to correct mistakes and make things right with their customers in a public way. You may also see some businesses getting a little indignant on these public forums, shaming the customer, or standing their ground. I see this as a very costly mistake. It simply doesn't look good, no matter who is right.

Instead, it's critical that you create a very specific process of handling customer complaints, or refund requests. You may want to hire someone with a cool head to handle these inquiries on your behalf, and absolutely have a process here. What's most important is that first and foremost, you MUST acknowledge that the customer is unhappy. And then, try to continue the conversation over the phone, and come to a solution offline. You can say, “Kate, I'm sorry that you are not satisfied with your purchase. We'd like to help you resolve this as soon as possible. Please call 555-555-5555 and we'll be happy to help you out.”

Do not get into an online battle. People get bolder when they are hiding behind a computer screen, so it is too easy for things to get heated. If you can get them on the phone to hear them out, and show them that you are a living, breathing person also and that you are there to reach a resolution, you can reach a resolution more effectively.

Becoming a master at these types of situations will change your business in powerful ways, and teach you skills that will serve you again and again as an entrepreneur.

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