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Victoria Song – Making the Impossible Probable

Victoria Song on She's Got Moxie

My guest today, Victoria Song, is the author of the new book Bending Reality: How to Make the Impossible Probable, out on August 24th. She’s been recognized by Forbes in the TOP 30 Under 30 Women to Watch, studied economics at Yale and leadership at Harvard Business School before becoming a leadership advisor to CEOs in Silicon Valley. We had a great discussion about why our intuition is so important right now, the most common challenge for CEOs, and why both masculine and feminine qualities are valuable in the workplace.

Listen in as Victoria talks about contraction versus expansion, how to avoid what she calls The Drama Triangle, and why we should let our emotions get in the way.

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I grew up in an environment where we all used success as a distraction.” – Victoria Song

Show Notes:

  • The Difference between Contraction and EXPANSION (& why it’s essential for Leaders to know)
  • How to avoid “The DRAMA Triangle”
  • Why it’s ok to let our EMOTIONS get in the way
  • Easy, SIMPLE Tips on how to experience more Expansion
  • How to reach peak professional PERFORMANCE
  • Big Girls DO and CAN Cry – she SHATTERS the glass on this decades old myth in the workplace
  • And much, much, more!

When we're in contraction we tend to be motivated by very toxic feels.” – Victoria Song

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Anything you can't label or put in a box feels threatening when you need to control everything around you.” – Victoria Song