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Trish Healy – The Mission of Wonder

Trish Healy on She's Got Moxie

When today’s guest Trish Healy read Celia’s (the 12-year-old daughter she and her husband were fostering at the time) wish list and saw she most wanted a sleepover party, it was a life-changing moment. WonderTent Parties was born and now five years later, the business has expanded from sleepovers to events and experiences for both children and adults.

In this episode, Trish shares her struggle to acknowledge that she didn’t need to wear all the hats in her new business and how referrals hugely benefited her business growth in the early days. We discuss marketing tips for growing your new business and explain who you should listen to the most in business.

Listen to this episode to learn how to best reach your target audience as a new business, ways to incorporate philanthropy into your business model, and some of Trish’s favorite tips for managing bad days at work.

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People wanted to stay home but they still wanted to have an experience.” – Trish Healy

Show Notes:

  • The beautiful, inspiring story of WonderTent Parties
  • WHO you should Lean in & LISTEN to in Business
  • PURE GOLD: Advice for what to do on the really TOUGH Days
  • Learn about KIDSAVE, an incredible non-profit committed to helping Foster Youth find Forever Homes
  • Tips on reaching your TARGET audience
  • Incorporating philanthropy into your business model
  • Her TRUCK DRIVING Moment
  • The worst startup advice Trish hears

The biggest challenge has been juggling everything.” – Trish Healy

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The challenges that come will come not because of your gender, so eliminate that as a reason.” – Trish Healy