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Tovah Haim – How Her Childbirth Experience Led to Birthing Bodily

Tovah Haim on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffI’m thrilled to have Tovah Haim, CEO & Founder of Bodily, as my guest on today’s show.

Instead of getting mad, she got busy solving a problem she experienced after giving birth to her first child. She decided to launch Bodily – a website full of important and informative content, stocked with reliable products that support a modern approach to birth recovery and breastfeeding for women.

On today’s show, Tovah talks about the first steps she took to building her business, her best tips for getting through the hardest days as a woman entrepreneur, her experience raising funds for her business, and much more.


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There were just a succession of things that happened to me that I had no idea would happen.” – Tovah Haim

Show Notes:

  • The FIRST step she took BEFORE she decided to move forward – GREAT tip
  • The interesting thing that happened when she approached male investors about a product for women
  • Why it’s vital to focus on your CORE product first
  • How she reacted to a comment that a male investor made to her about blending motherhood & business
  • Tovah’s BEST TIPS for moving through the hardest days as an entrepreneur
  • How she delicately holds people accountable for their gender bias
  • The exciting new life event that is happening for Tovah

Ultimately what we want to do is shine a lot on every one of those dark corners of female physiology so that we don't have to be ashamed of what is just a normal part of the health and aging process of our bodies.” – Tovah Haim

Connect with Tovah Haim:

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I wanted to create a business that really fundamentally changes this experience for women.” – Tovah Haim