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Finding Joy Every Day

The ABC’s of Business (John Wooden would agree)

She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

“When tumultuous times call, get back to basics.” John Wooden, Pyramid of Success

This episode is from a recent Instagram Live that I did about the ABC's of Business and how getting back to basics is essential, especially in tumultuous times.

On this show, I give you easy-to-implement tips to support you now.


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You are what you do daily, not what you do from time to time.¨ – Joy Chudacoff

Show Notes:

  • How to show up for your team during turbulent times of uncertainty
  • The ATTITUDE to adopt to stay inspired during this time
  • 3 Tips to help you bounce back faster & stronger
  • The #1 thing to do when you feel stuck or paralyzed
  • The best way to stay consistent and connected during a period of life in white water
  • How to KEEP BUILDING your business in a slower moving economy
  • What to keep your eye on right now

Your attitude is everything.” – Joy Chudacoff