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Finding Joy Every Day

The 5 Unconscious Emotional Triggers that Sabotage 6 & 7 Figure Women

Joy Chudacoff on She's Got MoxieJoy Chudacoff on She's Got Moxie

Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of the holiday, I wanted to share some love and talk about something that's been on my mind for a while when it comes to women entrepreneurs. There are two sides to every business: The practical side and the emotional side.

There is a lot of great information available on the practical side of entrepreneurship, but the emotional side rarely gets the time and attention it deserves and this is key to your business growth & personal happiness.

I want your business to become whatever you envision it to be.

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Take a look at these five unconscious emotional triggers, decide which ones you’re tolerating in your life, and set a deadline to eliminate these from your life.” – Joy Chudacoff

Show Notes:

  • The REASON you may feel powerless at times in your business even though you are the owner
  • Why you feel EXHAUSTED all the time and what to do about it
  • Why it may be time to CHANGE your audience
  • WHY what you discussed at your family dinner table growing up could be hurting your business now
  • HOW perfectionism can have your business circling the drain fast

I say ‘unconscious’ and I use the word ‘trigger’ because so much of the time you don’t even realize that it is happening. OR you realize it is happening and you’re frustrated. It is something that you’re tolerating, but you don’t realize the toll that it is having on your business.” – Joy Chudacoff