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Finding Joy Every Day

Tami Halton Pardee – Founder & CEO of the #1 Leading Sales Team in Los Angeles, Selling Over 3 Billion Dollars in Real Estate

Tami Halton Pardee on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Tami Halton Pardee has broken all residential sales records in LA, selling over $3 billion in residential real estate since 2005 despite a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
and raising four children.

As Founder & CEO of Halton Pardee + Partners, Inc., Tami has built a concierge real estate company that understands the life-changing decisions that come with buying a home.

Apart from being a leader in the real estate industry, Tami founded a philanthropic project called the Life Change Warriors program, and it recently surpassed $1 million in community donations.


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Time is really the only asset that you can never get back, and I think it is even more valuable than money.” – Tami Halton Pardee

Show Notes:

  • Tami’s 20 Minute Rule – a business game changer
  • The incident that turned Tami from an “aggressive leader” to one of gratitude and love
  • Why the simple act of following up can make the biggest difference
  • Why she DANCES ON A LIFEGUARD STAND every single morning
  • Tips to cultivating her “work family” company culture
  • The acronym that her Team lives by
  • Why “SLEEPING ON IT” is key
  • Her Biggest Challenge
  • What Tami loves to do when she travels – this will surprise you
  • Why you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • The success of her Life Change Warriors philanthropy project
  • How relationships have been absolutely VITAL to Tami's business
  • And much, much more

Why not plan our life on purpose? We plan our vacations, we plan all these things, but we don’t plan our life.” – Tami Halton Pardee

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The most important thing is actually living in the moment when you’re working and making the work be joyful.” – Tami Halton Pardee