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Finding Joy Every Day

Why We're Here

Finding Joy was born in the middle of a pandemic – fitting for a business dedicated to improving health from the inside out.

In 2020, it wasn’t if our health was impacted – it was how much. And women were affected most of all by pandemic-induced burdens, from job losses to caregiving challenges. We were pushed beyond our normal superwoman boundaries and over the edge while we juggled careers, businesses, our kids’ remote learning, and advocating proper care for our aging parents.

While we were attempting to take care of everyone else, our own health suffered at unprecedented levels. Not surprisingly, the pandemic has been dubbed the “she-demic” with an impact on our physical, financial, emotional and mental health. Many of us forgot to put our own oxygen masks on first before trying to put them on all the other people and activities in our lives.

Ladies, it’s time to refocus on our health.

Finding Joy’s holistic, nutritional supplements from Beyuna are a great place to start. Even if we eat healthy, the reality is we are lacking essential nutrients from modern foods to keep our cells healthy. Not to get too technical, but it’s a scientific fact that disease starts at the cellular level. Beyuna supplements provide those additional nutrients and allow us to stay healthy and feel good.

What’s even better is that Finding Joy isn’t just about feeling good – it’s about doing some good. Let us introduce you to our founder, Joy Chudacoff, to tell you more…

Hi, It's Joy

My entrepreneurial journey started more than 25 years ago in the health space. Although it was invigorating, challenging and highly successful, it also required a lot of travel and time away from those I loved. I decided to sell my company in favor of creating a business to better suit my family-first lifestyle.

It was 2005 when I followed my heart and began serving and supporting women entrepreneurs. Outside of my family, nothing has brought me more fulfillment than helping women achieve their greatest desired potential over the last 16 years.

Yet, as I turned 60, I knew there was still more I wanted to do for women, and also for the next generation who were looking to us for guidance, particularly in the midst of unprecedented times – not just the pandemic, but social unrest, political division, and a renewed awakening to injustice in the world. I recognize I have less years in front of me than behind me, and I want to make the best use of that time.

A seed was planted in 2019 when my family and I traveled to Europe, and one of our stops was in Amsterdam where we connected with dear friends of ours – Paul and Els Gebbink. I first met Paul and Els on a business trip 27 years ago, and we hit it off immediately based on shared values in business and in life. My husband and I have kept in touch with Paul and Els all of these decades later. Today, Paul is the co-founder, chief researcher and product developer of Beyuna’s clean label, natural, vegan, non-GMO nutritional supplements.

Beyuna already has a significant presence throughout Europe and in the UAE, and Paul has encouraged me for years to help bring the product to the U.S. At first, this idea seemed disconnected from my current business model of coaching and advising women. However, I started taking the supplements and realized that I experienced sustained energy throughout the day. Before taking Beyuna supplements, I would lose steam around 3pm every afternoon. Now, instead of dragging myself through dinner prep, I find myself having a stream of consistent energy into the evening.

And, here’s the light bulb moment I had in the midst of a pandemic:

As women, it’s critical we take our wellness seriously in order to continue supporting those who depend on us. We’ve been blessed with the freedom to do anything while making sure we take care of everything!

💡 I realized Beyuna supplements, with their scientifically proven ingredients, would be an added benefit to the women I already support in my Smart Women Smart Solutions® business.

But that wasn’t enough. I decided this is my opportunity to truly give back to women and the girls who look up to us. This is an opportunity to not only help women, but to make a real impact and leave a legacy. Which is why Finding Joy:

Gives 30% of our net profits on all retail sales to causes we care about.

💡 The sale of each of our supplements supports a cause that benefits women or children – it’s how we Feel Good. Do Some Good.

How Your Purchase Makes an Impact

Feel Good. Do Some Good. Together we can make the world a more joyful place.

Finding Joy is on a mission to create a meaningful impact in the lives of women and children.

(1) Your health is positively impacted by our Beyuna nutritional supplements – free from synthetic colors, preservatives and fillers, helping you feel good from the inside out.
(2) When you purchase Beyuna products through Finding Joy, 30% of our net profits on all retail sales will benefit causes that are doing good in the lives of women and children.

Each supplement you purchase has an associated cause – with organizations who are:

  • Transforming the lives of homeless pregnant women
  • Offering homeless youth community-driven solutions that address racial and social inequity
  • Providing housing, advocacy and leadership development for women rebuilding their lives after prison
  • Bringing water safety education and early childhood swim programs to low-income, inner city areas
  • Ending hunger by connecting people with food

Learn more about the causes we care about on our 30% Give Back page.

How We Find Joy


When you are healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally – your soul is strengthened. Feeling good gives you the strength and motivation to do some good. This is what compelled Finding Joy to bring Beyuna to the United States and share these GMO-free, vegan and clean label nutritional supplements with you.


When you feel good from the inside out, you have the energy to live full lives, taking care of yourself, others, and accomplishing all of the things you’re called to do. Energy gives you vitality, clarity, and alignment with your purpose – enabling you to be your best and make an impact in the world.


When you have an abundance mindset, you become more like a river than a reservoir. What you bring into your body and your life naturally flows out, creating a ripple effect that touches so many others. A sense of abundance helps you understand you have much to give…which is why giving back is a core tenant of Finding Joy.

Finding Joy invites you to join us in bringing Beyuna to the United States. If you are interested in distributing high quality products that positively impacts the health and well-being of those who use them, please contact us for more information about this business opportunity. Comprehensive training and marketing guidance is provided to all new distributors.

In addition to creating potential for a substantial supplemental income as a family-oriented company, Beyuna allows its distributors the unique opportunity to automatically transfer their business to their heirs. Additionally, you can distribute Beyuna in a way that aligns with your vision and to your ideal customer. Beyuna’s nutritional supplements are designed for both women and men. The philanthropic element is unique to Finding Joy and not part of the Beyuna business model, although you are welcome to add your own charitable giving component if you’d like.