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Stephanie Scapa – WEYV CEO & Co-Founder. The All-in-One App for Music, Magazines & eBooks.

Stephanie Scapa on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest today is Stephanie Scapa, CEO and co-founder of WEYV, a unique multimedia platform that offers music, magazines and eBooks all on one app.

After taking a family vacation to Florida and learning about a unique business model from her dad, Stephanie Scapa got excited. She saw how the streaming industry was “broken” and how she could fix it with her idea for WEYV.

On today’s episode, Stephanie dives into how WEYV works (how it solves a major digital streaming problem most people have), how she and her co-founder got this idea off the ground without experience creating apps, the questions she asks herself when making decisions, the work-life BLEND (no balance here!) and much more.


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I firmly believe that work-life isn’t a balance. I think it has to be a blend. Especially as a woman, I can’t really divide my work and my life and make it balanced.” – Stephanie Scapa

Show Notes:

  • How WEYV easily allows you to listen, read and share content
  • What Stephanie learned after hiring someone to create the APP for her – it was time-consuming and costly – and how she re-framed and rebounded from this experience
  • WHY being able to PIVOT in business is essential
  • Why it’s important to “Know everything possible about your customer” when creating an App
  • The simple productivity app and system that Stephanie uses EVERY DAY personally and with her Team
  • How to get through the day when you feel like giving up
  • Interesting AHA about women in the workplace (this was surprising and also wonderful to hear!)
  • What questions Stephanie asks herself when MAKING DECISIONS
  • Why it’s a work-life BLEND rather than a work-life balance for Stephanie
  • And much, much more

There have been many points along our path where we’ve had to ask ourselves tough questions and make tough decisions.” – Stephanie Scapa

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If you’re signing up to be an entrepreneur, just be sure that the passion for what you're trying to bring to life is really there and aligns with how you define success.” – Stephanie Scapa