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Finding Joy Every Day

Stacy Blackman – Serial Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Stryke Club Acne-Fighting Skincare

Stacy Blackman on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest Stacy Blackman, CEO and founder of Stryke Club, is truly a serial entrepreneur.

She’s been at the helm of three different (quite successful) start-up companies in three different industries – wedding, MBA consulting and now skin-care for teenage boys.



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No one really knows the way, we are all flying a little bit blind.” – Stacy Blackman

Show Notes:

  • The #1 QUESTION to ask yourself before diving into your next venture
  • How 9/11 shaped her second start-up and what we can learn in this time of COVID-19
  • The one “HABIT” she had to break to keep going every day
  • Why we always need to be ready to PIVOT
  • How you can make the most of difficult situations
  • How to build a VIRTUAL team committed to your business vision – there’s one ESSENTIAL Ingredient

I'm very organized and I really do map out most of my day.” – Stacy Blackman

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Begin before you are ready.” – Stacy Blackman