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Sound Advice For Women Business Owners and More About My Align Retreat 2017

Today, when I was out taking my morning walk, my mind wandered to a Women's Business luncheon I recently attended where I overheard someone giving another businesswoman advice about a subject she was obviously not qualified to give. The advice she was sharing was actually scary. I thought, “Geez, I sure hope this woman doesn't do what she's being advised to do.”

I then thought, while I really wanted to, it was not my place to save either of these women but I wanted to make sure I share some very important information I learned from my own experiences, with the businesswomen I can and do support.

For some sound advice, listen to my four minute audio:

When I think back to ALL the BIG leaps in success & income I’ve had over the years, I realize that a combination of two important things were present:

1. After experiencing the effects of some very expensive and very bad advice, I stopped asking and listening to people who could not possibly give me the support and sound advice I needed because they just did not have the skill set, or the experience to know the right answers. Instead, I sought out and thus received guidance, direction and solid business advice from people who were leaders in their industry – people who were more experienced and ahead of me in their entrepreneurial journey – they were where I wanted to be. Their advice to me was based on experience and results, instead of any theory or guesswork.

2. I was never in my office, deep in my work, when significant breakthroughs emerged. When I think about leaps that increased my income by 20-50%, they were always when I removed myself from my daily business tasks and responsibilities of my personal life. I was in an environment where I had a clear head and could reflect, refocus, re-energize, reclaim and reinvent my vision for my life and business.

That’s why I created the perfect space, forum and program for you to reclaim and refresh your vision and create the strategies necessary for you to get free from overwhelm while scaling your business at the same time…

…I want to make sure you don’t miss out on my Align Retreat happening January 25-26, 2017. During this two day retreat, I’m going to reveal all my results-getting strategies to scale your business while having the time to enjoy a fulfilling personal life. Yes, it is possible to have a business and a life you love when you know the exact steps to take and I’m going to spend two days personally showing you how I’ve structured my business to have an abundant, profitable business, an A++ team to support me and ample time to enjoy my family.

I must warn you that seating is limited and the registration investment increases after October 4, 2016. Here’s another reason you'll want to grab your seat now. The women who’ve made the smart decision to register so far are highly successful, very smart, and extremely well-connected which means not only is there the possibility of collaborating with these already very successful businesswomen, but…the cumulative amount of sound business experience that will be in the room will probably be more than 500 years' worth…with plenty of opportunity to share and learn from each other.

If you have questions about the event, my team is ready and excited to jump on the phone with you. All you need to do is send us a quick email to or call Kathy, our Director of Client Relations, at 310.266.0416 and she will happily assist you.

Align Retreat 2017