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Sarah Robinson + Noria Morales – Creating an Imaginative Play space for the Modern Family as Co-Founders of The Wonder

Sarah Robinson + Noria Morales on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guests today, Sarah Robinson and Noria Morales, are co-founders of The Wonder, an absurdly playful members space for families.

The idea for The Wonder came about after Sarah had her first child and struggled to find a fun, whimsical play space that was creative. Not only is The Wonder a play space, but it also has a library, stroller detailing, cafe, a grown-ups only workspace and more.

I think you'll love today's show as Sarah and Noria talk about how they started this business venture, what's it is like working together as co-founders, how they raised money and much more.




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It's so much more about the execution then it is about the idea.” – Sarah Robinson

Show Notes:

  • WHY Sarah and Noria decided to start The Wonder
  • REAL talk about the challenge of building a business while raising children (Sarah was working in the delivery room while birthing her second child!)
  • The Action Step they took BEFORE The Wonder opened to generate interest- GENIUS!
  • The importance of screen-free time for kid
  • HOW they make their partnership work
  • The PAINFUL story when one started to doubt the business idea would make it
  • Why it’s important to know what time of day you are most creative and focused
  • Their favorite quote that keeps them going
  • WHY talking to people about a VISION is more powerful than anything else you can do
  • The ticket to turning your ideas into reality – it’s all about the Execution

You've got 18 summers with these kiddos. You want to make the most of that time.” – Noria Morales

Connect with Sarah and Noria:

Facebook | Instagram | The Wonder

Any good idea, I guarantee you, there's thousands of people in the world who have had the same idea. And it's – who's actually getting out of bed and making it happen?” – Sarah Robinson and Noria Morales