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Finding Joy Every Day

Sarah Naseer – Creating Good Products That Help Feed The World

They’ve provided meals to over 100M (yep, you read that right) children in 63 countries. How? Wait for it…selling handbags.

Today’s podcast is about entrepreneurship, but it’s also a PSA. My guest, Sarah Naseer, joins us to talk about FEED, a socially conscious company working every day to fight the war against hunger in a tangible way.

Sarah, President of FEED, oversees business development and growth strategies related to product marketing and merchandising. You’ll love what she has to say about how FEED has built an amazing company while changing the world!

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Do your best to really push through whatever decision you decided to go with.” – Sarah Naseer

Show Notes:

  • WHY the company chose BAGS instead of shoes, clothing or jewelry
  • The GENIUS decision to put a Number on every bag and what the number means
  • What the proceeds from ONE BAG can do for a child
  • How Focusing on Collaborations and Partnerships early on were the BIGGEST & BEST Key Strategies
  • Why COMMUNITY is an essential ingredient in the mission of any business today
  • Why being both Focused & Nimble are core to their everyday teamwork
  • Managing CASH FLOW while still giving back

Women owe it to themselves to go into every meeting, every opportunity, every pitch, with confidence, and you don’t need to apologize for it.” – Sarah Naseer

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You are your best advocate.” – Sarah Naseer