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Sandra Oh Lin – Founder/CEO of KiwiCo – Creating a Hands-on Experience For Kids to Help Them Become Creative Problem Solvers

Sandra Oh Lin on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

If you’re a parent of young children, do you wish that your kids would move away from electronics and do something creative? My guest today, Sandra Oh Lin, wanted this so badly, she created a company to do just that!

What started as a neighborhood playdate where kids came together to do hands-on activities that inspired critical thinking and problem solving, turned into KiwiCo, which is an award-winning hands-on project and activity box mailed directly to your front door. Each project is designed to spark your child’s creativity.

Listen-in to today’s show where Sandra tells us all about how she came up with this creative business idea, growing and scaling her business, her best productivity tips, and more. Sandra is clever, grounded and her advice is so easy and simple to follow. I loved her energy!

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People are very, very busy. So if there is something that would actually be very convenient for their lives and be a very curated experience, there is inherent value there.” – Sandra Oh Lin

Show Notes:

  • The simple, yet key ACTION STEPS Sandra took to find out if her idea had traction
  • WHY it’s all about the experience and not just the product
  • Her perspective on why we are seeing “box” mania in the marketplace NOW
  • Her cash flow decisions early on and how those decisions have changed to make scaling possible
  • Her BEST PRODUCTIVITY Secrets as a CEO and mom of 3
  • And so much more!

Your strategy is defined by the choices that you make for the business.” – Sandra Oh Lin

Connect with Sandra Oh Lin:

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We’re not only delivering a product. We’re delivering an experience.” – Sandra Oh Lin