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WHY You May Not be Rising to The Level of Your Goals

She's Got Moxie Show

What’s holding you back from getting closer to your goals?

Today’s episode is from an Instagram Live that I did recently.

I talk about how to create the habits that help you RISE to achieve your goals, how to FOCUS better, how to PRIORITIZE your top 3 tasks for the day, tips to increase your revenue, and much more.




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Sometimes we don’t rise to meet our goals. We fall to the level of our habits.” – Joy Chudacoff

Show Notes:

  • WHY you may not be moving closer to your goals this quarter
  • How to create the RIGHT habits & rituals to support your goals
  • Why systems and processes are key to Revenue
  • Silencing the “Committee of One”
  • Tools to help you hone a deeper level of FOCUS
  • The ONE essential to consistent cash flow
  • It is all about the “slightest shift”

Focus is knowing what to ignore.” – Joy Chudacoff