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Retreat With Me in The Mountains This Summer?

There’s a ‘theme’ happening right now among a lot of business owners I talk with and I’m wondering if you might have this ‘theme’ playing out in your business?

June marks the halfway point in the year, which means you’re either celebrating the success of reaching all your goals in the first 180 days or you’re running your fingers through your hair wondering what went wrong AND you may be wondering what you can do to make sure the next 180 days produce the results you want (& deserve).

You are not alone.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in this position at this time of year but, the ones that work smarter know they need to reach out and get help – – bring on a thinking partner to help them clear the clutter and focus in on exactly what they need to do next in order to accomplish the goals they’ve set for themselves.

That’s why I’m opening up my calendar during July, while I’m in the beautiful, peaceful, mountains of Park City, Utah, to meet with a few women entrepreneurs who understand the importance of getting out of the day-to-day of running their business and retreating in a calm, serene environment that gives them the opportunity to think bigger, more expansive, more strategic about their next moves and desire a ‘thinking' partner to help them along the way.

If you’re honest with yourself, you know deep down you are ready for a new perspective, so reach out to Kathy on my team. She would be happy to share details on my Strategy & Advisory Retreat Package in the mountains.

**I ONLY have 2 SPOTS available as a few of my EDGE members will be spending time with me in Park City as well, so don’t delay! If you know you want different results in the next 180 days in your business, I’d love to offer you my personal attention and help you get exactly what you want. Just email Kathy or call her directly at 310-266-0416 to get all the details on my Strategy Retreat package in the mountains this summer.