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Renee Fraser – Founder & CEO of Fraser Communications and Advocate for Women on Boards

Renee Fraser on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Today’s guest Renee Fraser is the CEO of Fraser Communications and host of The Deciders radio show and podcast. Fraser Communications is an ad agency with clients including Lexus, Hyundai, USC, East West Bank. As the CEO of the leading woman-owned and woman-led agency in Southern California, Renee is a dedicated advocate for women in leadership and force for good who is active on the 20/20 Women on Boards in Los Angeles initiative.

Renee is a pioneer and tireless advocate for getting more women on boards. In this episode, she and I talk about the event that made her start her own advertising and marketing company 23 years ago and how she prioritizes family. She also shares advice for women in corporate who are thinking about leaving their jobs and why women struggle with the juggle.

Listen in to Renee and I talk about why it pays to make friends with everyone, how women are making a difference sitting on boards, and how it’s changing the world.

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Most of the perspective that has been shared has been from white men.” – Renee Fraser

Show Notes:

  • From Zero dollars to 35M all while raising three daughters
  • The Wake-Up Call at her daughter's 3rd Birthday
  • Excellent (No Cost) Tips to Generate Consistent Referrals
  • Coping Skills for moving through the really tough days
  • A 65M business loss and how she pulled through
  • Sage wisdom on building a business while raising a family
  • The question she asked her ‘twenty-something’ daughters and the SILENCE while she waited for the answer
  • The Importance of the dinner table (besides eating dinner)
  • The statistics on what happens to a company when they have women on their boards

I decided I wasn't going to focus on video games, beer, or motorcycles.” – Renee Fraser

Connect with Renee Fraser:

LinkedIn | The Deciders | Blog | Fraser Communications

I wanted to do well by doing good.” – Renee Fraser