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Raegan Moya-Jones – Creating a 100M Blockbuster Biz With Baby Blankets

Raegan Moya-Jones on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

When my guest, Raegan Moya-Jones, couldn’t find the muslin-fabric baby blankets that were a swaddling tradition from her native Australia, she set out to make her own.

In 2006, Raegan co-founded aden + anais, the baby lifestyle brand globally recognized for its high-quality, design-driven muslin swaddles and baby products. Aden + anais is a $100 million-dollar company today. You might recognize them because Prince George made his first public debut wrapped in an aden + anais blanket!

On today's show, Raegan talks about what she waited for in order to quit her full-time job at The Economist Group (she worked there until 2009), what it was like when her co-founder/partnership fell apart, why she decided to go from “babies to booze” and much more.

I think you'll find today's show raw and authentic, helpful and inspiring.

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There was definitely a period of time where I thought ‘well if I really want to spread my wings and do what I think I am capable of doing (that nobody else seems to think that I'm capable of), then I'm just going to have to go out there and do my own thing.” – Raegan Moya- Jones

Show Notes:

  • The TWO ingredients that carried Raegan through the first five years
  • The “old-school” marketing tool Raegan used to get her products into retail locations
  • Raegan’s humorous story about not having time to wash her hair for 15 days (too funny and I can relate!)
  • What it was like to watch the CELEBRITY who used her product for his public debut
  • What is was like to go through the loss of a good friend who was also her business partner
  • Raegan’s open, raw, transparent discussion about her many moments in the “fetal position”
  • WHY Raegan decided to start a second company
  • Business advice for women that she completely disagrees with
  • What it was like to be fired from a business that she co-founded and built to 100M

The first five years of aden + anais was basically hard work and Google that got me through it.” – Raegan Moya-Jones

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The big mistake that people make is they think they can't do it because they don't know how, but if you want it badly enough you really can just teach yourself. It was very much a one foot in front of another process for me.” – Raegna Moya-Jones