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From Wall Street to Wellness, Meet Priscilla Tsai, CEO & Founder, CocoKind, an Organic Skin Care Line With Products Under $25

Priscilla Tsai on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffMy guest today, Priscilla Tsai, struggled with life-long hormonal acne issues until one day she decided to take matters into her own hands and literally solve this problem that created insecurity for her every day.

She left her job on Wall Street and went straight into wellness by founding, Cocokind, an organic skincare brand that is clean, conscious and accessible to everyone.

On today's show, she talks about how she took her struggle with hormonal acne and turned it into a business that now has 133K raving fans on Instagram who love Cocokind.

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How I actually convinced myself to just do it was – I was like ‘you know what? You don't have to be the face of the company – you can just be a business owner.'” – Priscilla Tsai

Show Notes:

  • How she took her struggle with acne and turned it into 133K followers on Instagram who love her products and her approach
  • How she got her products into Whole Foods – a simple strategy that required a BOLD move
  • Why every decision she makes is around a set of “conscious” values
  • Why she almost didn’t start the company (Priscilla talks openly about her insecurities and vulnerability)
  • How vulnerability became her secret sauce
  • Why perfection doesn’t sell well
  • Her passion for helping other women entrepreneurs and how this lead to the Cocokind Foundation
  • And much, much more

We don't ask, ‘what can we charge?'… we charge what we think is fair.” – Priscilla Tsai

Connect with Priscilla Tsai:

LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Cocokind

For me, when I hear from my other friends who started things say ‘we go through similar pains', and then you that, it is normal and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself.” – Priscilla Tsai