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Finding Joy Every Day

Pity or Power?

Finding Joy Every Day - Pity vs. Power on She's Got Moxie

Has your 2022 gotten off to an unexpected, rocky start?

It can be all too easy for the year to pass you by before you get the chance to manifest what you’ve been dreaming about. Today I’m going to walk you through the steps to get ALIGNED and step into your power.

In this episode, I talk about Pity vs. Power and how to recognize where you are right now. I also talk about what it means to “go for gold” and share some tough questions that we should be asking ourselves, like: “What am I pretending not to know?

Listen in as we set goals and take action together and practice an easy three step process to visualize what you really want.

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Am I parked in my pity or am I accelerating in my power?” – Joy Chudacoff

Show Notes:

  • How to ALIGN for Power
  • Why AWARENESS is the Foundation to every day
  • What you have to do BEFORE Asking the Essential Questions
  • Awareness “tips” that take less than 15 minutes
  • 3 Easy Steps to Visualize what you want (and get what you DREAM of)
  • The TOUGH (but necessary) questions you should be asking yourself about your business
  • Why it’s critical to write your thoughts down
  • And much, much more!

Women do not celebrate our wins nearly as much as we should.” – Joy Chudacoff