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Power Positioning in 2020 – 9 Essential Leadership Skills For Success

She's Got Moxie Show

Today’s episode is all about nine leadership skills that you need to flex your Moxie muscle in 2020.

You’ll definitely want to listen in if you are interested in investor money because investors need to see that you are a strong leader and if you’re bootstrapping, you’ll need these skills to build an A+ team committed to your mission and vision!




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When you’re looking for venture capital money, leadership is one of the things they look for.” – Joy Chudacoff

Show Notes:

  • Why great leadership is ESSENTIAL for growing & sustaining a business (it’s not just about the product or service)
  • Why being committed to solving problems is the key to resilience and LONGEVITY as a leader
  • How the BEST leaders make decisions
  • The importance of building a NETWORK
  • Why taking time for YOURSELF is key to being a great leader
  • The ONE thing that every leader struggles with
  • Why having empathy and humility is a must for great leaders (it doesn’t make you look WEAK, it actually strengthens your position)

The one thing that everybody struggles with, and I’ve had to learn it too, is communication.” – Joy Chudacoff