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Paula Rizzo – From Emmy Award-Winning Producer to Entrepreneurship as a Media Strategist

Paula Rizzo on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

How do you make your press pitches stand out? What’s the best approach to making the best impression for your business in the media?

My guest today, Paula Rizzo, has the answers.

Working in the news and television industry for over 20 years, Paula Rizzo is a best-selling author and Emmy award-winning television producer, and entrepreneur. Previously a producer and senior producer for media outlets like Fox News Channel, she has produced health, wellness, and lifestyle segments with a range of top experts, including JJ Virgin, Jillian Michaels, and Deepak Chopra.

Paula now runs her own business working with experts, authors, and entrepreneurs as a media strategist. On today’s show, she gives us some great advice on how to get in front of your target audience through television, video and more. 

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You first have to be thinking about the audience. Your #1 concern is – what would the audience be interested in?” – Paula Rizzo

Show Notes:

  • The moment your business is ready for a media strategy
  • How to secure a guest spot on your morning news channel
  • The “hook, twist, and takeaway” – 3 things you really need to know when making your pitch
  • The most important element when making a pitch to snag a TV appearance
  • Why video is Key
  • Paula’s Best ACTION STEP
  • List-making techniques that help you be the most productive!
  • Why you should make a DONE LIST

When you pitch, really take into mind, ‘why now?’. Why are you pitching this now?” – Paula Rizzo

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Celebrate what you have done.” – Paula Rizzo