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Nora Plesent – Creating a Market for Women in the Legal Field Seeking Creative and Flexible Career Options

Nora Plesent on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

When my guest today, Nora Plesent, was getting ready to take her maternity leave with her first child, a co-worker in the law firm commented, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was just a temporary lawyer we could hire?” Nora saw a problem and went out to create a SOLUTION.

Nora, along with her co-founders went on to create Lexolution – a company that provides contract legal services to Law Firms. What started out in a basement in Scarsdale, New York, has turned into offices across the country including Lexolution New York, Washington D.C., Richmond, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Today, Nora gives a very authentic interview about the process of growing her business while maintaining quality service, the hardest years when she first moved to LA and what she did to get through it, and the KEY ingredient to guaranteed growth if you want to expand into new cities.

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We've done things slowly, in a sense, but we have grown. And we have done it in a way where we have really never had to worry about the management of the office itself.” – Nora Plesent

Show Notes:

  • How Nora turned a question from a co-worker into the focus of a company
  • The #1 ingredient you MUST Have when planning to expand to new cities
  • Why it has been difficult to manage QUALITY over QUANTITY
  • How Nora dealt with opening a brand-new market when she first moved to LA
  • Nora’s Best ADVICE for women on the entrepreneurial journey
  • How meditation has changed Nora’s life and her approach to business
  • Nora’s Brand-New Venture for women

We were all about quality, quality, quality. We had the boutique quality people out there and as other companies came into the market it was all about quantity.” – Nora Plesent

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When I started meditating, I almost couldn't even sit for five minutes because my life had been about moving, shaking, creating, doing.” – Nora Plesent