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Noelle Randall – From the Basement to the Real Estate Boardroom

Noelle Randall on She's Got MoxieNoelle Randall started investing in real estate in her early 20's while working a full-time corporate job. Then 2008 happened and she lost EVERYTHING. Noelle found herself back in her parents’ basement with her husband, two children and a third on the way. Fast forward to today, Noelle is the multi-millionaire Founder and President of FDR Horizon Enterprises, a private real estate equity firm, and she teaches other entrepreneurs how to use real estate investing to create wealth.

Listen in to today’s episode to find out how to invest in real estate with bad credit and no money, why it’s important to diversify your streams of income, and what Noelle’s superpower is.

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Just like everything we do, we get better at it as we do it more and more.” – Noelle Randall

Show Notes:

  • The Real Estate ADVICE she offers to create real long-term wealth
  • Why being “CHILDLIKE” can be an asset in business
  • The ONE Thing she RESISTED that eventually created enormous success
  • Why Letting Go of VULNERABILITY is key to growth
  • What to know before you buy your first piece of real estate
  • The SECRET to raising 7 children while scaling her Real Estate Business  (she’s been criticized for this)
  • Why Morning RITUALS are a must
  • Her perspective on the “GRIND & HUSTLE” mentality
  • Why many people fail in real estate
  • The TOP spots to invest in Real Estate NOW
  • And much, much more…

I used to be of the grind and hustle culture.” – Noelle Randall

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Let people work in their skillset.” – Noelle Randall