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The Great Elevation

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Feel Fully Alive

Your Life is Calling.

Finally, a simple, beautiful way to feel fully alive by cultivating the richness of your mind & enhance your thought patterns to elevated heights.

What does it mean to live an “elevated” life?

I have developed 9 (nine) Elevated practices to help you experience deep transformation in your mind, body & soul. Each practice includes teachings, guided conversations, spiritual exercises, and companion guides all designed to integrate Elevated Thinking which in turn renews and restores you to accelerate your business and personal life by becoming an unstoppable leader. Here's why it's essential you choose to take this journey NOW.

Your ability to activate your own peace & joy every day has everything to do with:

  • Your physical well-being
  • Your emotional well-being
  • Your spiritual well-being
  • Your family
  • Your finances
  • Your confidence
  • Your ability to bounce-back after challenges
  • Your decision-making
  • Your business
  • Your brand
  • Your career
  • Your relationships

And… if you're a little bit like me, you want to maximize all the peace, joy and hope you can get your hands on and that means preparing your mind, body, soul + spirit to make the right choices, the right decisions for your future.

Give yourself permission to be transformed into a woman of greater impact, the leader you are called to be. My nine core Practices work together to form a Life Elevated – a life that leaves you feeling Fully Alive.

How it Works

How it Works

*We will spend the first six to eight weeks deeply focused on connecting to your deeper calling through silence, stillness and solitude. Once this is anchored & aligned within, we move outward to your life, business and relationships.

The 9 Power Practices

Silence & Stillness

We begin here because we want to lay a foundation for Spirit to work with you. This is a dedicated period of time set aside to stop & focus on your thought life. Thoughts are the first place we can and must begin to change. Your ultimate freedom is the power to select what you allow your mind to dwell upon. Get comfortable riding in the car without the radio, take a walk and resist the urge to look at your mobile phone. Breathe in the fresh air and gaze at the beauty & wonder of nature.


This is the key element to allow Spirit to work its magic – the perfect soil for spirit to plant the seeds that will harvest in your next level. Commit to a block of time where you immerse yourself in the process of being alone. Giving yourself the space to hear what's calling you without all the distractions of daily life. Solitude can be experienced for a few hours up to a few weeks (I've just completed a seven-day solo solitude retreat in the mountains).


Morning Ritual – a grounding ritual upon awakening. Before you give the outside “noise” of the world permission to invade your thought space, begin with a morning ritual (this one practice prepares me to meet the demands of the day at my highest level of power & peace). Your ritual can last as little as 15 minutes up to one hour using stillness, journaling, prayer, meditation, or any process that grounds, anchors and aligns you.


My physical therapist has always said, “motion is the lotion.” The body craves movement every day and just 30 minutes can extend the health of your life, release healthy endorphins that promote those feel-good vibes in your mind and soul. Movement of any kind is great, and the key is to schedule it into your calendar with consistency.


To feel fully alive and prepared for your next level of Greatness, nutrition & hydration play an essential role. Your mind & body are the vehicle to your next level of Greatness. It's going to transport you and Elevate you. You want to consume enough water & fuel your body with nutrients that will sustain you for the exciting journey ahead.


This is when the body heals, strengthens, and prepares you for the impact you're ready to make every day. Aim for 8 hours every night. I recommend creating a “power down” ritual at least two hours before bedtime to prepare the body & mind for a restful sleep.


Embracing the value of living an uncomplicated life, getting crystal clear on what matters most and creating an environment that supports where you’re headed. Less is more here.


When you begin to implement the other seven Power Practices and get crystal clear on what matters most, you will steer your money mindset & abundant thoughts in a completely new positive cash flow direction.


Last but certainly not least, in order to live an ELEVATED life, one that is ALIGNED with what matters most, it is essential that you surround yourself with other nutritious, positive humans who desire to live into their GREAT ELEVATION. Seek out those people who want the next “season” of their life to be elevated, aligned, and living intentionally to their next level of GREATNESS.

  • Guest Expert Advisors to educate and empower you to Elevate into your next level of Greatness from a holistic perspective. Think TOP Level advisors, well-being experts, brain experts on hand to share what the current research is to keep us operating in our excellence, our genius, and our superpower.
  • Companion Guides – Timely resources to support you in creating new daily rituals that will elevate your mind, energize your body and embrace your soul in a way that feels like a warm blanket of support.

What's included:

Weekly Zoom Meetings: Three (3) times per month, I’ll meet with you as a Community to take you by the hand and personally walk you through each Elevated Practice. You’ll also have companion guides and text support.

Weekly Gatherings every Monday Morning at 7amPT for Stillness & Journaling led by me to kick off your week with aligned & anchored intention.

Weekly Gatherings every Monday Morning at 7:30amPT for 15 minute Prayer Circle.

Guest Experts to deepen your insights and awareness on living an Elevated Life.

Companion/Support Guides to help you.

Discounts on Life Elevated Mountain Retreats at my home In Park City, Utah.

Membership to our ALIGN Private Membership Community.

The Great Elevation will be an on-going program and does require a six month commitment.

Investment to Elevate Your Life, Your Business and Feel Fully Alive!

$197 per month

Your LIFE is Calling you.
Let me serve & support you to live your preferred future.

Should you have any questions about anything related to this program, Joy's team is here for you. Send your questions to our Director of Client Relations or call 310.266.0416 and she will happily assist you.