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Your Life is Calling.

Finally, a simple, beautiful way to feel fully alive by cultivating the richness of your mind & enhance your thought patterns to elevated heights.

What does it mean to live an “elevated” life?

I have developed 7 (seven) Elevated practices to help you experience deep transformation in your mind, body & soul. Each practice includes teaching, guided conversations, spiritual exercises, and companion guides all designed to integrate Elevated Thinking which in turn renews and restores you to accelerate your business and personal life by becoming an unstoppable leader.

Highly successful people (people who are making an impact and a profit) spend at least one hour a week  THINKING.

They understand the importance of adopting practices that have been proven & time-tested for a spiritual life that will open up the mind to greater depths of being, thinking and doing.

Give yourself permission to be transformed into a woman of greater impact, the leader you are called to be. My seven core Practices work together to form a Life Elevated – a life that leaves you feeling Fully Alive.

How it Works

How it Works

7 (Seven) Elevated Practices

Silence & Solitude

A time period set aside to stop & focus on your thought life. Thoughts are the first place we can and must begin to change. Your ultimate freedom is the power to select what you allow your mind to dwell upon. (Weekly Zoom support and companion guides will be provided)

Sabbaticals - Rest for the soul

A time period set aside to stop, rest and rediscover. In our era of chronic exhaustion, emotional unrest and spiritual stagnation, few things are more necessary than the recovery of the self. You’ve earned this time for yourself. (Weekly Zoom support and companion guides will be provided)

When we begin to honor the practice of silence, solitude and sabbatical we can then create our Northstar Vision, Intention & Manifestation.

Wellness - To enhance and elevate your mind, body & soul

We’ll cover in detail the importance of hydration, nutrition, sleep, movement and supplementation to Elevate & Align your mind to work with your body. Practice making choices that will support you to feel Fully Alive from your head to your toes.

Fasting - To amplify your Path to Elevated Thinking

Fasting is going without food for a set amount of time to awaken our body and soul to our deep elevated awareness. It’s one of the most powerful — and misunderstood practices to live life elevated. Our mind and our bodies have boundless, potential energy available to us. (Weekly Zoom support and companion guides will be provided)


Embracing the value of living an uncomplicated life, getting crystal clear on what matters most and creating an Environment that supports where you’re headed.


Part of living an Elevated Life is staying curious. Reading and listening to experts who are on the cutting edge of longevity and living what I call a 1% life (those who want to squeeze every ounce of Joy out of their day!). I’ll have recommendations for you and we will have periodic guest experts available to us.


Last but certainly not least. In order to live a 1% Elevated life, it is essential that you surround yourself with other like-minded women who desire the same. That is why we will gather in Community every week on Zoom to support your vision and your intention.


  • Guest Expert Advisors to educate and empower you to Elevate into your next level of Greatness from a holistic perspective. Think TOP Level advisors, well-being experts, brain experts on hand to share what the current research is to keep us operating in our excellence, our genius, and our superpower.
  • Companion Guides – Timely resources to support you in creating new daily rituals that will elevate your mind, energize your body and embrace your soul in a way that feels like a warm blanket of support.

What's included:

  • Weekly Zoom Meetings: Each week, I’ll meet with you as a Community to take you by the hand and personally walk you through each Elevated Practice. You’ll also have companion guides and text support.
  • Monthly 20 minute check-in calls with me (this will only be available to those who join right away).
  • Great Elevation Workbook physically mailed to you to record your insights, intentions and WINS.
  • Guest Experts to deepen your insights and awareness on living an Elevated Life.
  • Companion/Support Guides to help you.
  • Time Sensitive BONUS: A one hour call with me to set your Vision, Intention and Manifestation roadmap (this call will occur after you have practiced silence, solitude and some sabbatical hours so you will be in an Elevated Thinking mindset).
  • Discounts on Life Elevated Mountain Retreats at my home In Park City, Utah.
  • Membership to our ALIGN Private Membership Community.

The Great Elevation will be an on-going program and does require a six month commitment.

Investment to Elevate Your Life, Your Business and Feel Fully Alive!

$367 per month

Your LIFE is Calling you.
Let me serve & support you to live your preferred future.

Should you have any questions about anything related to this program, Joy's team is here for you. Send your questions to our Director of Client Relations or call 310.266.0416 and she will happily assist you.