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Miry Whitehill – How a Toddler Playdate Turned Into a Movement After Meeting a Family of Newly Arrived Refugees From Syria

It all started during an ‘accidental’ toddler playdate followed by a friendly Facebook video. This one seemingly simple act of kindness turned into Miry’s List.

Miry Whitehill recognized an immediate need and went to work to help solve the challenges refugee's deal with when arriving here in California. Today, Miry has over 130 “list-makers” (listen to the interview to find out what this is!). By creating the “lists,” ordinary people would know simple things they could get on Amazon to support the refugee resettlement process.

To date, Miry Whitehill and her dedicated team have helped over 300 families and is growing rapidly.

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People have been waiting for a long time for something they can do to help. I think providing this as a mechanism for a way that regular people can help, has been the thing that fueled this movement.” – Miry Whitehill

Show Notes:

  • Miry’s “AHA” moment and how this propelled her into action
  • The 3 PILLARS that refugee families experience when they arrive in California
  • How to create a sustainable socially responsible model
  • The LIGHTBULB moment that became the KEY to SCALING and growth (today she has over 130 “list-makers”)
  • How A Co-Parenting schedule has led to her highly productive days
  • Miry’s Biggest Challenge (which is also a heart-warming story)
  • How she handled the time she wanted to throw in the towel – how she kept going
  • Her Superpower – deep reflection and learning moment
  • Her BEST Advice for Women Entrepreneurs – GOLDEN!

The side effect of running this organization for me, is being the recipient of an incredible amount of gratitude.” – Miry Whitehill

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If I could go back to myself (2 years ago, 5 years ago, 7 years ago, 10 years ago), I would advise myself to focus on things that are solvable.” – Miry Whitehall