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Mignon Francois – How She Turned $5 into $10 Million as the CEO & Founder of The Cupcake Collection

Mignon Francois on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest today, Mignon Francois, CEO & Founder of The Cupcake Collection, is a very enthusiastic and positive entrepreneur who turned a recipe that she received from her grandmother into a $10 million business.

Mignon was a stay-at-home mom who was tired of her children not being able to go on field trips because she did not have the extra money. At the time, she had no bakery experience, but she took her grandmother’s recipe, spent $5 on ingredients and the rest they say is history. Mignon’s business turned out to be a much bigger success than she could ever imagine.

On today’s show, Mignon shares the story of how The Cupcake Collection began its humble beginnings. She talks about the challenges that she has faced in her company, her “sampling” strategy, her actions steps to success, and more.

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Overnight success takes 10 years.” – Mignon Francois

Show Notes:

  • The moment Mignon decided to turn an old recipe into a NEW idea
  • What MOTIVATED her to keep going every day despite the challenges
  • How she has grown and scaled her business from a start-up to being recognized as one of the TOP cupcake bakeries in the US with multiple locations
  • Why a “sampling” strategy is important for a product-based business
  • The really big gamble Mignon made as she bet on her success
  • What it has been like to maintain business during the pandemic

My action step was to stop waiting and start doing.” – Mignon Francois

Connect with Mignon Francois:

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Everybody wants to be great, but nobody wants to get up at dawn.” – Mignon Francois