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Finding Joy Every Day

Melissa Vitelli – From Fashion Photographer to Co-founder & CEO of Jar Goods

Melissa Vitelli on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffMy guest, Melissa Vitelli, had a successful career in fashion photography but she found her herself being drawn to the food industry through her hobby of vegetable gardening. She joined together with her sister-in-law Lauren and Jar Goods was born. They initially found success at Farmer’s Markets and this led them directly into the arms of Whole Foods.

On today’s show, Melissa talks about how she and her sister-in-law decided to take her father-in-law’s famous tomato sauce recipe and turn it into a thriving business. She shares how she brought her small side business into grocery stores across the country, some of her most pivotal moments as an entrepreneur, how she’s dealt with the challenges of entrepreneurship and more.

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People who need quick foods, should not be relegated to low quality.” – Melissa Vitelli

Show Notes:

  • What it was like to move from Fashion photography to the FOOD industry
  • How their decision to go with mom-and-pop stores first before hitting the Big Guns of Whole Foods and AMAZON paid off
  • Why beginning in FARMERS MARKETS was their Golden Ticket
  • WHEN she realized she was on to something with her business
  • The moment she decided to add more flavors to the mix – she shares it’s the key to creating a BRAND Block
  • She’s learned it’s all about being CONSUMER CENTRIC
  • Her experience at the CHOBANI Food Incubator
  • Why Jar Goods decided to try a subscription model
  • Her perspective on why you shouldn’t listen to other people’s ADVICE
  • Where she Finds her Joy
  • And much, much morel

In order to do it, it doesn’t matter what industry, you have to be very risk tolerant.” – Melissa Vitelli

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The creative juices are not going to flow if you force them.” – Melissa Vitelli