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How to Create Masterful Connections That Generate High-Caliber, Profitable Referrals

Joy Chudacoff on She's Got MoxieJoy Chudacoff on She's Got MoxieI was speaking with a new client recently and I inquired on how she found me. “I was given the name of three people and you were the only one that followed up.”

You may be so close to landing your next BIG juicy red-apple client and you don’t even realize it. You may be missing one essential (easy) step to help you stand out in your industry. Follow-up.

On today’s episode of my award-winning podcast, ‘She’s Got Moxie’, I’m sharing a replay of a teleclass I did earlier this year, “How to Create Masterful Connections That Generate High-Caliber, Profitable Referrals.”

Follow-up is something that anyone can do. It doesn't matter how much (or how little) education you have, it doesn't discriminate, and it levels the playing field.

Here’s another (deeper) reason I think people don’t follow-up: Fear of failure. “If I don’t follow-up, I’ll be spared the feeling of rejection.”

I’ve never achieved Big LEAPS in my business from social media or sitting at my desk staring into my laptop. The big income leaps (think 25% – 50%) have been directly related to networking and cultivating collaborative relationships.

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This episode is chock full of great tips and tricks. I’ll share:

  • The difference between accepting any client that tends to fall into your lap or going after what I call those juicy red-apple clients (this makes an impact on the quality of your day and the ability to live in your genius)
  • Why social media is critical and also how it can cripple you
  • My step-by-step process that has generated over 1M in my businesses over the last near 3 decades.
  • How one lunch meeting has brought in 80K alone using these simple tools
  • And much, much more….