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Mary Winners – Serving the Needs of Aging Seniors and Their Families as Founder & CEO of About Senior Solutions

Mary Winners on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest today, Mary Winners, is the Founder & CEO of About Senior Solutions.

About Senior Solutions is a senior resource, evaluation, placement and advocacy organization dedicated to serving the needs of aging seniors and their family members.

Mary had worked in healthcare and still found the process of serving the needs of aging seniors confusing, so she decided to create a company that makes the process easier.

Mary talks about the best way to deal with aging parents, how she started About Senior Solutions, the advice she wishes someone would've given her early on, and much more.


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I really enjoy being able to look at a problem and solve it.” – Mary Winners

Show Notes:

  • The moment Mary decided to start About Senior Solutions
  • How the burden of care-giving can influence health
  • The best way to deal with aging parents
  • Why you need to find the MARKET for your passion
  • Why getting the right care for your loved ones is important

Oftentimes it is not quite as difficult as we think it is going to be.” – Mary Winners

Connect with Mary Winners:

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It is really important to make sure you have your mentors and people who have been down that road a bit to keep by your side.” – Mary Winners