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Marilyn O’Toole – Demystifying The College Application Process

Marilyn O'Toole on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

I’m thrilled to have Marilyn O'Toole, CEP (Certified Educational Planner) & Founder of The College Consortium, as my guest on today’s show.

Marilyn is an Independent Educational Consultant and College Counselor. Marilyn has been a Site Coordinator for Johns Hopkins University, Center for Talented Youth since 2005 and has been the keynote speaker at Johns Hopkins University CTY “Pathways to College” programs at UC Berkeley, UCLA, Pomona College, University of San Francisco, and University of San Diego.

In other words, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to preparing high school students for college.

On today’s episode, Marilyn demystifies the confusing college process and shares a ton of free resources with us. Marilyn and I also talk about the changes and challenges that high school students will experience while applying for colleges during the pandemic, the importance of a powerful essay, the factors that colleges consider impressive in an application during this time, and much more.

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If you really love the school, be able to express that on and in your essay.” – Marilyn O'Toole

Show Notes:

  • A fresh new look at the college application process for students in 2021 & beyond
  • The silver lining that has taken place for students during the Pandemic
  • Critical questions parents need answers to before dropping their kids on campus this fall
  • What colleges will be focused on NOW when reviewing applications
  • A plethora of FREE Resources to help students to do virtual tours and apply to colleges
  • How to use the quarantine period to your advantage as a college-bound senior
  • Why SAT and ACT scores are no longer required for many colleges & what Marilyn thinks about this
  • Insights on how the Pandemic has changed the learning “experience” for students
  • The near future for Community Colleges – great food for thought here…
  • A personal story Marilyn shares about her own experience being a parent of a child headed to college

One of the problems that community colleges are going to experience is the quantity of people enrolling and the limited budget that we have regionally on state, local or in the city.” – Marilyn O'Toole

Connect with Marilyn O'Toole:

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I always suggest to students – do your research.” – Marilyn O'Toole