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Maria Ure – Transforming Challenges Into Business Success as Founder & CEO of Spanish in Action

Maria Ure on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Hold on to your seat. You’re going to hear a lot of energy and enthusiasm oozing from my guest today! While going through an extremely challenging divorce and the loss of her mother, Maria Ure, Founder & CEO of Spanish in Action, catapulted her home-based Spanish teaching business to success.

Maria realized early on that she had the gift of teaching Spanish lessons to children. Using this gift, she built her business, Spanish in Action, from three students sitting on her living room floor to a premier language studio in the upscale, family favorite and sand filled Manhattan Beach, California. She’s been featured on Univision 34, the popular LA channel for the Latin community, Ryan Seacrest’s KIISFM and she was chosen for a commercial for GoDaddy recently on how small businesses are making the pivot during the pandemic.

Today, we are going to talk about how she overcame her challenges and how she expanded into other vertical markets, and much more.

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Be opened to rethink and reframe what your current thought process is in your business.” – Maria Ure

Show Notes:

  • How to turn challenges into FUEL for your business
  • How Maria’s FOCUS on her goals led to business expansion (and transformation!)
  • WHY you must stay focused on your CORE business while you expand into other verticals
  • Her GENIUS Pivot during the Pandemic that has opened so many doors for her
  • WHY who you surround yourself with MATTERS (especially in difficult circumstances)
  • How to UNLOCK your mentality in order to achieve your goals
  • What she wished she would have known before Student #1 sat on the living room floor all those years ago
  • And much, much more!

“You are not supposed to know it all, that’s why you surround yourself with good people who cheer you along the way, cheerleaders are so important.” – Maria Ure

Connect with Maria Ure:

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You are destined for something, you are put in this world for a mission.” – Maria Ure