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Finding Joy Every Day

How to Become a Magnet For Good Things in Your Life

Find Your Clarity of Purpose on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffToday I talk about how you can become a magnet for good things in your life. It seems like everyone I speak with lately is struggling to find a sense of peace so today I’m going to talk about something that I know will help:

Certainty of Purpose. Do you have it?

Once we master clarity in our business and life, we can see the effects spill over into our personal lives and the lives of those we work with. We become magnets for good things in our lives. There is a great power that comes with activating clarity and harnessing this power is necessary if we want to lead with ease. In this episode, I share my own definition of clarity and explain how to find it — both in your business and your personal life. I also talk about the certainty of purpose and how valuable it is as you attempt to stay on track.

Listen in to learn how you can learn to lead with ease, why you should prioritize getting clarity of purpose, and tips for finding your certainty of purpose.

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If you really and truly understand what clarity means at its core, everyone would spend time doing this.” – Joy Chudacoff

Show Notes:

  • What Clarity REALLY means on a deeper level
  • My definition of CLARITY
  • How to find your certainty of purpose
  • How to LEAD with ease
  • What you must ACTIVATE Daily
  • How to Become a MAGNET of Energy
  • How to make PRICE Never the Issue
  • Ways to know if you’re getting off track in your business
  • 3 STEPS to Clarity
  • The CRUCIAL Question
  • All Roads Lead to a BLESSED Life when you have Clarity
  • How to become a magnet for good things

When you become a magnet for good and you have a product or service, price is never the issue.” – Joy Chudacoff