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Lynn Perkins – How UrbanSitter Grew to a National Marketplace in Less Than a Year

Lynn Perkins on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Have you ever found out that your babysitter is canceling right as you’re about to leave for an important meeting or amazing event? I know I have.

My guest on today’s show, Lynn Perkins, is solving just that problem UrbanSitter's founder and CEO. UrbanSitter is a mobile and online service that is reinventing the way parents find trusted childcare. Lynn's company was so successful that it grew into a national marketplace in less than a year!

Today, Lynn talks about how she quickly created brand trust with parents and catapulted UrbanSitter to major growth. She also gives us her best advice on how to fundraise, deal with a room full of male investors, handle challenges, and much more.

I think you'll love this show! Lynn gives amazing tangible tips and advice that you don't want to miss.

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“I have a team who I highly, highly trust. I think that hiring people who are smarter than you are is always a great thing to do.” – Lynn Perkins

Show Notes:

  • How she created brand trust quickly with parents and catapulted UrbanSitters growth in one year
  • Lynn’s BEST piece of advice for women seeking funding for their big idea (she should know – – she’s raised over 40M in VC funding in the last 6 years!)
  • How to handle a room full of male investors when making your pitch
  • The next move she made when she realized she was on to something! (you may be very surprised!)
  • Her “keep me sane” best Productivity Tips
  • The 3 apps she uses daily to survive being a mom and a CEO
  • How she handles CHALLENGES and what she did once when she felt like giving up
  • Advice on how to handle the never ending need for CASH Flow
  • Lynn’s criteria she uses to make daily decisions
  • Why waiting until your idea is perfect is a recipe for disaster
  • Her SuperPower and how its supported her all her life

“Everyone can see opportunity in dollar signs. So start with the dollar signs and then work your way backward.” – Lynn Perkins


  • Connect with Lynn Perkins:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | UrbanSitter

“I see too many entrepreneurs who have this very big vision and are waiting to make it perfect before they release it to the public. And I think that you can release things along the way and actually learn more.” – Lynn Perkins