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Finding Joy Every Day

Lorraine DiGiovanni – The Spiritual Advisor for Women Entrepreneurs

Lorraine DiGiovanni

I have known today’s guest, Lorraine DiGiovanni, for a very long time. She is my spiritual advisor and the real deal when it comes to intuitive energy healing. She had a thriving paralegal business in Philadelphia when she shared an experience with a terminally ill child that changed her professional trajectory.

In this episode, she and I talk about how the loss at a young age informed her future choices, why she decided to become a Certified Practitioner in Energy Healing Science, and how she knew that a career as a healer was waiting for her all along.

Once her mind was made up, Lorraine went from law to healing and then back to school for her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Temple University — all while working full-time. Now she deals with auras and chakras and helps her clients make their businesses more heart-centered.

Listen in to learn what intuitive energy healing is, how numerology works, and what Lorraine does first thing every morning to set herself up for success.

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The universe does support you once you are really clear in your intentions.” – Lorraine DiGiovanni

Show Notes:

  • How Lorraine went from LAW to becoming a SPIRITUAL Advisor
  • What ENERGY has to do with it & where your energy may be BLOCKED
  • Why you need a Strategic Business Plan + A Spiritual Business Forecast
  • What she does EVERY MORNING before her feet hit the ground
  • The #1 SIMPLE Action you can take to achieve a better outcome Every Day
  • The VOICE you want to listen to and HONOR most
  • The challenge of GENERATIONAL Trauma & why it’s time to heal
  • What to EXPECT in 2022 – Lorraine’s prediction
  • Tips to become more introspective
  • The Importance of the Power of INTENTION
  • Why it’s so important to have a business coach

I have found my people to be more anxious than ever this year.” – Lorraine DiGiovanni

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Am I going to give up my healing practice or am I going to stop working?” – Lorraine DiGiovanni