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Lizanne Falsetto – Meet The Creator of The thinkThin® Bar Who Sold Her Company For $215 Million

Lizanne Falsetto ditched a college basketball scholarship for an international modeling career. While on the road, Lizanne found herself hungry but didn’t like the fast food options so she created her own high-protein, zero-sugar, food-on-the-go snack, what we now call the thinkThin® bar! It set a trend as the FIRST protein bar to be gluten-free.

Lizanne went on to create a lifestyle brand and a national market leader. She ultimately sold thinkThin® to Glambia, Inc. in 2016 for $215 million dollars. Wow.

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The No. 1 thing that I would say to the women out there who want to learn about cash flow is to always keep your payables (what you have to pay) at least 20% lower than your receivables (the money coming in).” – Lizanne Falsetto

Show Notes:

  • WHY she declined the basketball college scholarship
  • HOW Lizanne turned her kitchen experiment into a multi-million dollar company
  • HOW she kept growing & scaling the entrepreneurial mountain
  • What BASKETBALL taught her about BUSINESS
  • SIMPLE, smart, cash flow secrets
  • Why Lizanne brought HER CHILDREN to work
  • Her BIGGEST Challenge – real, raw truth here
  • HOW she overcame her toughest moments
  • And much, much more…

I knew I had to surround myself with the best. And I always had that mentality, but it is almost to the point where you bring people in who are smarter than you.” – Lizanne Falsetto

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I think that team sport is a valuable lesson because you can play your position well, but you have to play with your team.” – Lizanne Falsetto