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Lizanne Falsetto – Founder of thinkThin®, Pink Talented Angels, and a World Renowned Pioneer in the Health & Wellness Industry

Lizanne FalsettoLizanne Falsetto, Founder & Former CEO of thinkThin® is back! She was a guest on the show in 2018 and a lot has happened in the last two years! Lizanne sold her company for 217M (yep, million) so you’ll want to listen-in to all of her many gold nuggets in this episode!

Lizanne is a world-renowned pioneer in the health & wellness retail food space. Throughout her 20 year run with thinkThin®, she initiated the “gluten-free” conversation and developed the first high protein/sugar free product in that category. Lizanne has consistently been ahead of the times in identifying market and industry trends.

On today’s episode of ‘She’s Got Moxie’, Lizanne talks about her new organization, Pink Talented Angels (PTA) and how to find opportunities in a crisis, the importance of meditation, her tips to combining the emotional, mental and physical parts of your life to reach success, and much more.

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The best brands really come from the authenticity of how they started.” – Lizanne Falsetto

Show Notes:

  • The most important QUESTION to ask yourself if you’re ready to scale (she should know; she sold her company for 217M)
  • How she got the idea to start thinkThin (it was based out of her own NEED)
  • The MOMENT she knew it was time to sell
  • Her BEST ADAVICE for women who are looking to build a business with the goal of selling
  • The brand new organization she has started to support WOMEN entrepreneurs
  • HOW to Build a Solid Brand During the Pandemic
  • Why Your STORY Matters so much, especially NOW
  • Advice she hears in the start-up arena that she DOES NOT agree with
  • Why EMOTIONS are good for decision-making
  • How she gets through the really TOUGH Days – PURE GOLD
  • The #1 ingredient you need to become a Strong LEADER
  • The advice she wished she would have had before that first trip to Tokyo as a model

When you run a career for 25 years, you make a lot of mistakes, and the best way to teach, is by giving the entrepreneur the messaging of what you did wrong.” – Lizanne Falsetto

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You can stand in your feminine power as a female and still be heard.” – Lizanne Falsetto