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Lisa Sugar – How a Blogging Side Hustle Turned into POPSUGAR, a Multi-Million Dollar Media Company

Lisa Sugar on She's Got Moxie

Lisa Sugar really disliked her job but unlike so many, she did something about it. After starting a personal blog that went viral (we’re talking over 1 million followers in 1 year), Lisa Sugar knew that she was on to something. She ditched her day job and not long after, her husband did too.

Currently, POPSUGAR is now the #1 lifestyle brand for young women, and has just introduced a brand new beauty line.

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Saying yes has led to great things.” – Lisa Sugar

Show Notes:

  • Lisa’s STRATEGY on how she went from 1 follower to 1 million in less than a year
  • WHY you should never rely on Advertising as a major source of Revenue
  • WHY now was the perfect time for POPSUGAR to launch a beauty line
  • What it was like to give birth to her first child while growing a fast-paced media empire
  • Why you should WORK HARD & PLAY NICE
  • The POPSUGAR PRINCIPLES & Why her Team relies on this
  • Why Lisa wrote her book, “Power Your Happy”
  • Why Lisa says YES when she’s making decisions
  • The valuable lesson she learned when she strayed away from her core business
  • Her BEST (quite simple) advice for women entrepreneurs
  • and much, much more

Finding people who are really living and breathing that world and bringing them in so that they can be the experts, so that they can shine and share that knowledge, is really important.” – Lisa Sugar

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I think it is really important to play nice both to competitors and co-workers who come and go, because you never know what’s going to happen next.” – Lisa Sugar