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Finding Joy Every Day

Lindsay Pinchuk – Finding the Motherlode Through Motherhood

Lindsay Pinchuk on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Before she was even pregnant with her first child, Lindsay Pinchuk saw an opportunity in the parenting industry. She decided to go for it and Bump Club And Beyond, a parenting community was born. With just $500, she used basic, grass-roots efforts to fuel her start-up growth. Along the way, she made some strategic partnerships that led to rocket-ship visibility and success. Both Target and Nordstrom came calling.

Lindsay actually sold her company a few years ago and in this episode, we talk about why it was always her goal to sell the business. We also discuss the future that she’s really looking forward to and why it benefited her to organize events outside of the baby space.

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Flexibility is queen.” – Lindsay Pinchuk

Show Notes:

  • SIMPLE Grass-Roots efforts that led to ROCKET ship growth
  • The FIRST Question Every Start Up should ask in the beginning
  • The importance of forming the RIGHT Partnerships for Strategic Growth
  • Her Biggest GROWTH Opportunity
  • Why Identifying your WEAKNESSES Early on is Key to Growth
  • How to MOVE through the really TOUGH Days
  • And much, much more!

It is so important that you have support and not just from people who have done it before you, but from people who are going through it with you.” – Lindsay Pinchuk

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We all can always learn from our peers whether it's motherhood, entrepreneurship, or whatever it might be.” – Lindsay Pinchuk