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Linda Rose – Get Acquired for Millions!

Linda Rose on She's Got Moxie

She’s the go-to-gal when it comes to helping companies get acquired and now she’s back with a NEW book to help you simply and easily understand how to get your business ready to be acquired!

Serial entrepreneur Linda Rose joined me on the podcast to talk about her NEW book, Get Acquired for Millions: A Roadmap for Technology Service Providers to Maximize Company Value.

Linda is a big proponent of listening to your clients before anyone else and running a company to sell rather than running a company to grow. She urges other entrepreneurs to think bigger and find mentors that can help them broaden their mindset.

On today’s show, Linda shares how CEOs can get away for up to a month without hearing from their team, two things she wishes she knew before she became an entrepreneur, and the value of organization intellectual property. She explains the Banana Concept, which book has impacted her life, and where she finds her joy.

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My joy is the bottom line.” – Linda Rose

Show Notes:

  • Why your clients are more important than anyone else – LISTEN!
  • Her solo journey on the Pacific Crest Trail and how this experience changed her entrepreneurial journey (she hiked for 500 miles ALONE!)
  • The different types of revenue and the ones you should be keeping your eye on
  • The difference between running a company to GROW and running a company to SELL
  • Details on completing four Big Acquisitions During COVID
  • The PERFECT Time to Sell your Business
  • A Step-by-Step plan for you to leave your business for a MONTH without any communication with your Team (not even a single TEXT)
  • What “single points of FAILURE” are and how to remove this obstacle in your business
  • The Banana CONCEPT – Brilliant!
  • The Metric that is more VALUABLE than SALES
  • The two things Linda Rose wishes she knew before she became an entrepreneur
  • How Linda Sets Goals – Pure GOLD!
  • The value of organization intellectual property
  • Two books that have impacted Linda’s life
  • Where Linda finds her joy
  • And much, much more

You have to stop thinking like an owner and start thinking like a buyer.” – Linda Rose

Connect with Linda Rose:

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It can fetch value if you identify it, package it, and give it a name.” – Linda Rose