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Lily Lauzon – 8 Gems of Entrepreneurial Gold

Lily Lauzon on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffToday's guest has really flexed her Moxie Muscle in 2023, accomplishing something amazing as a female entrepreneur. As CEO and Founder of POM Talent, Lily Lauzon started her agency just 18 months ago and has already done 2 million dollars in business — and she is not even 30 years old yet!

I truly admire her strength, courage, and tenacity in business in this episode, we talk about everything from WINS to weathering storms, as well as the importance of aligning with where our energy is taking us.

Listen in as Lily Lauzon shares eight gems of entrepreneurial gold and how to create momentum with a new business.

Show Notes:
  • The “SECRET” Sauce when it comes to her success
  • The ONE ingredient you need to achieve FAST Paced Growth
  • Why SURRENDER plays a big role as a leader
  • ADVICE she doesn’t agree with when it comes to business
  • What she relies on to carry her through the DIFFICULT Times
  • Her final words of wisdom – PURE GOLD
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