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Finding Joy Every Day

Leslie Thornton – Her Fast Track to Permanent Weight Loss

Leslie Thornton on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest today, Leslie Thornton began her entrepreneurial journey after Googling “inner peace.”

She was weight-conscious and eventually became fascinated with the power of the unconscious mind. Today, she offers hypnosis as a permanent weight loss solution that guarantees her clients mental and emotional freedom around body and weight challenges.

In this episode, Leslie encourages you to find the confidence within yourself to take the action that works for you.

Listen in to learn about emotional mastery, intuitive eating, and why everything is about relationships in life.

Show Notes:
  • How HYPNOSIS changed her life
  • The POWER of the unconscious MIND
  • Everything in life is related to your RELATIONSHIP to it
  • Her thoughts on OZEMPIC
  • Her biggest MISTAKE as an Entrepreneur (good stuff for us all to hear)
  • WHY the Difficult days can be a BLESSING
  • The way to Emotional MASTERY
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