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Laura McHolm – Cut Through The Noise And Become The Go-To-Gal in Your Industry

Laura McHolm on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

Every morning you wake up to a stream of emails that have taken up residence in your in-box – most of which, will be deleted.

**How do you protect your marketing emails from ending up in the trash? And more importantly, get read?

My guest today, Laura McHolm, Co-founder and Marketing Director of NorthStar Moving Company, is an expert when it comes to standing out in her industry and cutting through all the ‘noise.’

Laura has been featured in Ladies' Home Journal as one of 16 Women Making The World a Happier Place and the LA Business Journal winning the Trailblazer of The Year Award.

You’ll love today’s show as Laura gives some unique and useful tips on marketing emails, why having fun is a great prerequisite to marketing success, coming up with clear branding, and more.

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Make sure that when you write something, you have things that if they just read the headers, you still get your point across.” – Laura McHolm

Show Notes:

  • You may have “blinders” on when it comes to your marketing
  • The morning ritual for most people and WHY you want to avoid being part of it
  • The TRUTH about what it means to ‘Stand Out’
  • The ONE thing you can do to increase your odds at getting more open rates
  • Simple tips to GREAT Copy
  • How to easily get people to pay attention to your BRAND
  • The marketing lesson Will Farrell taught us from the movie Elf
  • Three Steps to Start Standing Out
  • The MOST important people to understand and see your vision clearly (HINT: it’s not the customer)
  • And much, much more!

I think so often women are just – they’re intimidated – to really speak their mind and to let the corny side of them come out.” – Laura McHolm

Links Mentioned:

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If you have a clear perception of your brand and every single person that works for you knows what it is… that’s really important.” – Laura McHolm