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LaDawn Townsend – Strategic Advisor & CEO of The VOS Group

LaDawn Townsend on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest today, LaDawn Townsend, understands entrepreneurial disappointment. She was turned down 35 times for a business loan before starting her business, The VOS Group.

In other words, LaDawn knows how to handle a “no” – which is one of the reasons why she created The VOS Group, a company that helps business owners increase their revenue and streamline processes to create a stable foundation that deepens the customer base.

LaDawn is trained in Six Sigma Green Belt process improvement and Technology Project Management, delivering quantifiable results for her clients. Her “career” started early on when she was growing up working alongside her family in their business.

On today’s podcast, LaDawn shares how she survived after getting so many no’s, the reason she kept her corporate job while growing her business, how she earned the trust of business owners, all the ups and downs of her trajectory and the challenges of being a black woman in business. She also talks about the importance of your company's annual numbers and how you should work under a positive vibration.

We also explore her thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement and her ideas on how to approach race, diversity, and opportunities for minorities in our communities.


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You are missing an element when you don't have diversity.” – LaDawn Townsend

Show Notes:

  • HOW she moved beyond 35 NO’s when asking for a business loan
  • How her “Trust Google” strategy helped figure out the next steps in her career
  • WHY she kept her corporate job while growing her business
  • The QUESTION people avoid that’s key to growth
  • Simple back-to-basics Tips on Growing your Side Hustle while working a F.T. Corporate job
  • How and when she knew it was time to leave her Corporate Job behind and “go for it” in her business
  • The difference between the busy work and the productive work in your business
  • How to earn the trust of business owners
  • Her thoughts on approaching racial bias, opportunities for minorities & how she’s processing this time in the world

Sometimes when we stay too long in one position, we need to be pushed into our purpose.” – LaDawn Townsend

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Everyone has a relationship with money.” – LaDawn Townsend