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Koel Thomae – How Cold-Calling a Dairy Farmer Turned Into a $170 Million Yoghurt Company

Koel Thomae on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

On a trip home to Australia, Koel Thomae discovered a homemade yoghurt in a beach town corner shop, and she knew this was an entrepreneurial moment.

Inspired to bring the best-tasting yoghurt to the United States, Koel couldn't stop thinking about the velvet tasting yoghurt that would one day become Noosa Yoghurt.

After cold-calling a fourth-generation dairy farmer in Colorado, Koel partnered with ‘Farmer’ Graves and brought Noosa Yoghurt to life.

What started in small farmers markets and local Whole Foods stores has led Noosa to be sold in 25,000 stores nationwide.

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It is certainly ok to evolve things, but don’t ever get too far away from that core fundamental reason why you started the brand.” – Koel Thomae

Show Notes:

  • How a visit to Noosa, Australia led Koel to go on an entrepreneurial adventure
  • How her obsession with this yoghurt led her to a three-hour lunch that ultimately got her a “loose license” for the yoghurt
  • What it was like to QUIT her day JOB and jump right into her entrepreneurial idea
  • Why Koel took her life savings and put them into her business
  • WHY you should never over-think an idea
  • HOW she diverted Whole Foods attention when they initially didn’t like her packaging
  • Why she decided to pull out of a market that Noosa wasn't ready for
  • A Deep Conversation on Cash Flow – pure gold
  • How Koel stayed PRODUCTIVE while building a business and raising a newborn
  • The ONE question Koel asks herself to stay on track every day
  • And much much more

I would say that if finance is not your strong suit, then get some really smart people who do know that and learn it really quickly.” – Koel Thomae

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Very simple productivity – tasks lists and really understanding what is the priority from what will most impact your business.” – Koel Thomae