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Finding Joy Every Day

Kim Kovacs – Founder/CEO of MyJane, Curated Cannabis Products Delivered to Your Front Door

Kim Kovacs on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffWhen Kim Kovacs witnessed a close relative looking and acting 10 years younger (and relieved of the pain she had suffered for years from using opioids to combat the effects of cancer), she was intrigued. She found out this positive change and outlook on life was due to the use of cannabis products and at that moment, Kim decided to get serious and learn more about everything cannabis could do to help women.

Kim saw a void in the women’s cannabis space and decided to fill it by starting MyJane – a cannabis wellness community designed to help women feel better. MyJane sends a curated box of cannabis products right to your door delivered by women ambassadors who spend time educating each customer on the products.

On today’s show, Kim has a lot to share with you. She is a serial entrepreneur and investor across multiple sectors and has raised over $100 million in venture capital for companies that she has founded.

Kim talks about how MyJane got started, her best ACTION STEPS in growing MyJane thus far, her advice on fundraising, how the movie “Groundhog Day” gets her through tough times, and much, much more.


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Let's ask women what they want. Before we go ahead and do anything, let's ask.” – Kim Kovacs

Show Notes:

  • How the name “MyJane” came about – it truly was a Perfect Storm
  • Why Kim decided to get her product DELIVERED in person by Female Brand Ambassadors
  • The GENIUS First Step Kim took that catapulted MyJane’s early growth – Simple & Easy
  • The MyJane model and WHY IT WORKS
  • The ONE thing MyJane is doing to ensure happy, loyal customers
  • Where your FOCUS has to be 24/7
  • Managing CASH FLOW in an extremely regulated industry
  • Her BIGGEST challenge
  • Why the movie “Groundhog Day” helps get her through the challenges of entrepreneurship
  • Her best advice on FUNDRAISING
  • The advice she hears being given in the entrepreneur arena that she doesn’t agree with
  • The Inventor versus the Entrepreneur Concept
  • Her Belief about Partnerships
  • What she wished someone would have told her BEFORE she entered the world of Entrepreneurship

Do your research as your fundraising. Find the right investors so you don't spend time talking to people you don't need to.” – Kim Kovacs

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Once you crack that conversation about cannabis then the flood gates are open to talk about other things and we're freely (now) talking about different things that I don't think women used to talk about.” – Kim Kovacs