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Kate Torgersen – From a 4-Day Business Trip Disaster to Becoming The Founder & Creator of Milk Stork

Kate Torgersen on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

When she was detained by TSA after a business trip and asked to drain the ice around her carry-on breast milk bag before she could enter the plane, Kate Torgersen knew she had to do something. Kate knew she wasn’t the only working mom dealing with this. She’d heard horror stories about moms in broom closets at the office pumping milk and she saw the need.

The day after that disastrous event, Kate Torgersen decided to create Milk Stork, the FIRST and ONLY breast milk travel solution for working moms. She called her dad with the business idea to provide a service to help mothers easily ship their breast milk home, and with that, the idea was born.

Kate’s mom-led innovation and entrepreneurship have been chronicled in publications such as the Harvard Business Review, New York Magazine, Lifehacker, Fortune and Travel + Leisure.

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My north star for the whole thing was that it had to be a two minute experience for moms in the hotel room and it had to be a two-minute experience placing an order.” – Kate Torgersen

Show Notes:

  • Kate knew she needed a “2-minute experience” for her idea to work
  • How she took her “DISRUPTIVE” idea and broke it down into manageable pieces in the beginning
  • The moment she knew she was on to something….it was right after she “flipped the switch”
  • Milk Stork was a side hustle for three years….she kept her day job at Cliff Bar for a long time (true inspiration for women who have a business idea but they aren’t quite ready to leave their day job)
  • The surprise phone call Kate received while in her mini-van that changed EVERYTHING
  • How Milk Stork tapped into an ENTERPRISE market
  • The KEY to gaining TRACTION
  • What it means to be a “painkiller not a vitamin” – BRILLIANT
  • Her Cash Flow Metaphor – GENIUS
  • What Kate does to recover from entrepreneurial fatigue
  • WHY she went about hiring differently than most other companies
  • The BIG Difference in having a career and owning a business
  • The advice she wished someone would have shared with her early on

If you don't have good operations in place, traction can become a problem.” – Kate Torgersen

Connect with Kate Torgersen:

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Once we launched and got that first order, I knew that was never going to be quitting. There was no quitting because once you get traction you can't quit. It is kind of like being a parent. Once you give birth, there is not really an ‘out'.” – Kate Torgersen